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After a long career that started off as background fluff in early s boob-tube filler, slight, lithe brunette Jill Schoelen is poised for skinmortality. Despite a face that is as cute as a young Beaver Cleaver, only without the homoerotic overtones and grafted onto the body of a state cheerleading champion, much of Jill's film work has been largely ignored. Some interest was stirred by the starlet's stirring soul baring in Thunder Alley , a story of sex and drugs on the highway to hell. That interest dropped its jaw and became a mouth-breathing devotee during viewing of The Stepfather , one of the great shower epics of all time. There is absolutely nothing gratuitous about the fully nude rear views of Schoelen's tight, shapely ass, a butt that will live in perpetuity, right alongside her lovingly soaped natural chest nibs. Watch and wash.