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Carey mulligan shame shower. Carey Mulligan: Nude Scenes And Suicide Scene In 'Shame'

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Carey Mulligan: 'I haven't seen myself naked in the mirror for a decade' | Film | The Guardian

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Carey Mulligan has spoken about how easy she felt it was to strip for the cameras in her role as a promiscuous young woman, open with her body and emotions. Shame features Carey as the sister of Michael Fassbender's Brandon, battling sex addiction in New York and how is life unravels when she lands in his doorstep. The film shows her fully naked for one scene in a shower, but Carey said it was surprisingly easy to do. Carey, 26, said: "I wasn't uncomfortable being naked. I felt like I was just in the room with him. That was scary, we did about 15 takes because Steve wanted it live.