Princess diana daughter pics. The People's Princess - Princess Diana: A photo album - Pictures - CBS News

Princess diana daughter pics. Diana and Prince Charles had a 'secret daughter' living in hiding

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Shock over Princess Diana's secret daughter

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Globe magazine claims that after Charles and Diana married the fertilised eggs were supposed to be destroyed but a rogue doctor implanted one of the embryos into his wife. The mag alleges that a year old New England woman, who they say is called Sarah, was born before William and Harry. The author, Nancy E. I believe that my story could have been true. Many have told me that they believe my story is the only one that is entirely plausible. These same people also think that Prince Charles wanted Diana to be fertile that he might have pushed Diana into having her eggs harvested to prove her fertility… I believe that fantasies allow us to explore our feelings. Contributions by: Jacqui Deevoy.