Katniss flower images. 55 Beautiful Flower Pictures for Your Inspiration

Katniss flower images. Katniss (plant)

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Sagittaria - Wikipedia

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Many are edible, but one false mouthful and you're dead. Whether or not you've seen the movies or read the books, you probably know that The Hunger Games is a dystopian story of competition and survival in a post-apocalyptic world. Much of the narrative takes place in the wilderness, a setting that comes with its own cast of characters: plants. The book not so much the film is a wonderful collection of ethnobotanical references. Flowers that heal, trees that feed, and berries that kill—plants are the ally and the enemy. Author Suzanne Collins considered the significance of the wild plant when she scripted a food-insecure world, and her characters are often defined by a plant—some can identify them they live , others can't they die.