Sex scenes in tv series. 31 Best TV Sex Scenes of All Time - Graphic & Explicit Sex on TV

Sex scenes in tv series. 15 Netflix Shows With the Hottest Sex Scenes You Need to Watch

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31 Best TV Sex Scenes of All Time - Graphic & Explicit Sex on TV

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Spoiler alert: We were wrong. Why 20 years and not 25? Not necessarily a mind-blowing revelation, given that this is also around the time that prestige TV began its takeover of the medium. Still, there are a few surprises on this list. We tallied their votes, came up with a shorter shortlist, and asked our writers to rank them in order of preference. A bunch of very tedious math and many unsexy spreadsheet columns later, we bring you the final list. After the two are robbed at gunpoint by a stranger, the panicked pair begin to kiss and make love beside an apartment stoop.