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Sex change operation pics. 12 Breathtaking Photos of People Going Through Gender Reassignment

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A cook by profession from Bangladesh became the first foreigner to undergo sex change surgery in Vadodara. After he got in touch through social media with doctors and patients who had earlier undergone sex change, the year-old patient chose a city-based hospital for sex reassignment surgery SRS. He is still shaping his own story, but has already become a sensation online. A woman who underwent sex reassignment surgery to become a man, for getting married to another woman, has now come out alleging that the latter backed off from the alliance. Deepu is planning to file a case of cheating against the woman. A year-old transsexual on Saturday petitioned the Vilakkuthoon police urging them to ensure the safety of his girlfriend from her family members as they are against their relationship. Andy Murray has described an operation on his ailing hip as "life-changing" as he prepares to make his return to competitive tennis.