Basic instinct 2 chair scene. Basic Instinct 2 - Clip - How do you picture it - video dailymotion

Basic instinct 2 chair scene. basic instinct 2 - chair scene ITA

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basic instinct 2 - chair scene ITA - Video Dailymotion

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Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven has never been shy about depicting graphic violence and sex in his work, from the savage, blood-soaked satire of RoboCop to the simmering sexuality of modern-day noir Basic Instinct. Verhoeven pitched the uncrossed legs moment to Stone, who loved the idea. The scene in question finds Tramell being interrogated by a roomful of cops, but despite the intensity of their interrogation, she remains completely in control. There were only the director, the DP and a couple of other crew members present, and Verhoeven shot the moment from a couple of different angles. Verhoeven later denied this, claiming she knew what the shot would be, but panicked over what the response to the scene would be once she saw the film cut together. Verhoeven would later reteam with Eszterhas on Showgirls , which was something of a disaster upon release but has since become a beloved camp classic.