Acne rosacea images. Rosacea - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

Acne rosacea images. Rosacea: Types, Causes, and Remedies

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Rosacea in Adults: Condition, Treatments, and Pictures - Overview | skinsight

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Rosacea, sometimes called adult acne, is a chronic inflammation of the face of unknown cause and without a permanent cure. About 14 million Americans have rosacea. Frequent triggers things that increase face blood flow of rosacea include sunlight, hot drinks, spicy foods, alcohol, exercise, hot baths or saunas, temperature extremes, and emotional stress. Prolonged use of cortisone creams on the face can also lead to rosacea. Some drugs may worsen flushing nasal steroids, amiodarone, high doses of some B vitamins, tamoxifen, and rifampin. Avoid drinking hot liquids and alcohol, eating spicy foods, and excessive heat exposure. Protect the face in winter with a scarf or mask.