How to cook ukwa. How to cook Ukwa Porridge - Breadfruit | Helen's Food

How to cook ukwa. How to Prepare Ukwa

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Ukwa How to make African breadfruit porridge - Pulse Nigeria

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Nigerian Foods Home Ukwa Breadfruit. African breadfruit ukwa is definitely one of the popular Igbo foods, so it is well worth a good place on a list of foods eaten by the people of Igbo a very popular Nigerian ethnic group. What to serve an Igbo man for for breakfast and stuff like that. That was the main reason I started an entirely new series on foods eaten by different Nigerian ethnic groups and here we are dealing with African breadfruit ukwa as one of the popular Igbo foods. I will try to explain in detail how this recipe was prepared in my own very kitchen and then I would talk briefly on another recipe of Ukwa that I know about.